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    Warranty terms.
  Is offered on parts for 1 to 12 months: (only where written warranty terms are printed on invoice)
No allowance is made for labour or freight costs in removing the item in the event of failure and is limited to the original purchase price of the product. Some products are sold on an exchange over basis and attract a deposit on purchase,refund for this deposit is done on return of changeover and generally a 7 day period is given to return the product. If this period is not met the management has the right to refuse changeover and retain the deposit. Freight is at the customers cost. Front end suspension parts fitted must have a wheel alignment performed immediately after. Motors, gearboxes, and diffs  are sold as long bare engines on a changeover basis. Accessories, manifolds, water pumps, glow plugs, injectors etc that are supplied with the motor are not warranty-able, swap parts where necessary to conform to your vehicle. It is a condition of the warranty that radiator hoses, gaskets fitted new, bolts tightened to Toyota specifications,  and belts be checked and replaced if necessary. Motors, gearboxes & diffs must be installed by a licensed mechanic currently registered & operating a registered business with accredited certificates to prove this. the Automotive technician must produce this with receipts required upon request, or no warranty is given. Injector pumps need to be correctly calibrated to the engine, by a licensed professional, or warranty is void. All transmissions must be fitted with a new filter kit and transmission and cooler lines flushed. Broken gears on diffs or gearboxes void warranty. Components used in performance competition or commercial use are not warranty-able. Minor oil leaks are not covered by this warranty.
All parts must be returned to place of purchase for management to inspect prior to any claim. If the part is deemed warranty-able, and Hiluxman Wreckers does not have the part in stock, and we cannot repair, then monies to the repair can be arranged. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE ON ELECTRICAL ITEMS.
Choose carefully, there is no refund or exchange because you changed your mind; or “that wasn’t the problem”. Only if the part is faulty, may you return it for an exchange.
No returns after 7 days.
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